Preventing violence and making this world safe is our priority! We teach aid-workers our Heart-and-Soul Programme by means of courses in self-defence and mindful communicaton. [Cliquez ici pour la version française!]

Heart-and-Soul: Presentaton of the Programme

  • theoretcal concepts on aggression verbal/psychological abuse, intmidaton/harassment, pursuit,
    cyberintmidaton, sexual touching/forcing, armed attack, encirclement by several adversaries, conjugal
    violence, etc.),
  • a toolbox of techniques for defending yourself in case of aggression,
  • methods for developing self-confdence, knowing your limits, responding to your own needs, the
    principles of peaceful resoluton of confict, of mindful communicaton and training in benevolence,
  • physical defence techniques blocking/defectng, ground defence, defence against a knife, club or gun,
    blows to the face or the legs, releasing of grips, striking with elbows/knees).

Internalizing the training is efected by many routes

  • lecture-based teaching,
  • role-playing,
  • modelling,
  • and the practice of our physical exercises.

The workbook of the social aid-giver of the Heart-and-Soul programme is
roughly 60 pages long. It lends itself easily to being adapted, translated and taught. Our goal is to distribute it as
widely as possible. We hope to train workers in all the sites we target to put them in a positon to give the
training on a weekly basis. The workshops should invite principally adults so as not to sow anxiety or fear of
being attacked among young children. Besides the aid-giver’s workbook, we will supply a partcipant workbook
as well as videos showing the executon of the martal arts techniques.

here are the communites in Canada which we are targeting

  • city and village populatons living precariously in difcult circumstances, and with little schooling people
    on social assistance or below the poverty line),
  • populatons of towns and villages where the crime rate and level of violence are high partcular districts
    of large cites, and certain indigenous villages, for example),
  • isolated refugee or migrant groups.

Those we are targeting on the internatonal field

  • populatons of villages, districts or ghettos where the crime and violence rates are high,
  • war refugee camps,
  • migrant camps resulting from natural disasters, etc.

What we need for follow-up

We are currently looking for:

  • Social or aid workers or organizatons interested in planting our project in their community and receiving
    the training for it.
  • Donors, whether private or public, so that we can go out and give the training and the material to aid
    workers wherever the need is felt. We would like also to see the workers remunerated when they ofer
    the course. nt is paramount that the partcipants taking it not have to pay.

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Contact Us!

Sarah Gaudreau-Desrochers
Canada : 1 514 495-0267

Order your private training in 2020*

  • Per person : CAD $ 150 + tax. on the first day, $ 100 per additional day up to $ 550 for 5 days. (Minimum of 5 people to form a group)
  • For a group, training specific to your needs (14 hours over 2 days) : $ 2500 CAD + tx. (For 10 people, $ 50 more per additional person)
  • For a group, complete training (35 hours over 5 days) : $ 5000 CAD + tx. (For 10 people, $ 50 more per additional person)

*One notebook for the speaker and one notebook for the participant is provided per person. Everyone will also get access to our exclusive web section to view the videos of physical techniques as well as download the participant’s booklet in PDF format for printing. As part of the training, the room must be provided by your organization. The trainers’ travel and accommodation costs are not included in the amounts displayed.